The articles below represent a small selection of my published research articles. For a fuller list, please see Curriculum Vitae. See also my profile on

2016. Off-colour? Mike Nicol’s Neo-noir ‘Revenge Trilogy’ and the Postapartheid Femme Fatale. African Studies 75 (1): 98-113. Click here.

2015. Freedom on a Frontier? The Double Bind of (White) Postapartheid South African Literature. Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 46 (3): 55-89. Click here.

2015. From the Subject of Evil to the Evil Subject: ‘Cultural Difference’ in Postapartheid South African Crime Fiction. Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies 16 (1): 28-50. Click here.

2013. The Confessio of an Academic Ahab: Or, How I Sank My Own Disciplinary Ship. English in Africa 40 (1): 37-57. Click here.

2013. Deepening the ‘Shallows’: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age Revisited. Current Writing 25 (1): 4-19. With Ryan James. Click here.

2012. A Vast Domain of Death: Decomposition and Decay in Marlene van Niekerk’s Die Kortstondige Raklewe van Anastasia W. South African Theatre Journal 26 (1), 61-92. Click here.

2010. Call of the Wild: Speculations on a White Counterlife in South Africa. English in Africa 37 (1): 15-39. (Special issue on Whiteness Studies.) Click here.

2010. Squeezing Writers Out: A Deductivist Stranglehold on the Construction of “South African English Literature”? Woorde Bly: Kritiese Opstelle. Linde Beer, Erika Lemmer & Andries Walter Oliphant (eds). Pretoria: University of South Africa. (Festschrift for Henrietta Roos.) Click here.

2009. Judging ‘New’ South African Fiction in the Transnational Moment. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa 21 (1 / 2): 24-58. (Special issue on South African literature beyond 2000). Click here.

2009. Cracking the Code: Translation as Transgression in Triomf. Journal of Literary Studies 25 (3): 16-38. Click here.

2008. Making the Body Public. English Academy Review 25 (2): 88-100. Click here.

2006. Blanc de blanc: Whiteness studies – a South African connection? Journal of Literary Studies 22 (1/2): 175-189. Click here.

2005. Does South African Literature Still Exist? Or: South African Literature is Dead, Long Live Literature in South Africa. English in Africa 32 (2): 69-83. Click here for posting.

2001. Introduction: South Africa in the Global Imaginary. Poetics Today. (Special issue on South Africa: South Africa in the Global Imaginary, edited by Leon de Kock, co-edited by Louise Bethlehem and Sonja Laden.) Duke University Press, Vol 22 (2), Spring: 263-298. Click here.

1996. ‘The Heart in Exile’: South African Poetry in English, 1990-95. Ariel: A Review Review of International English Literature. 27 (1): 105-151. Click here for posting.

1992. Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: New Nation Writers Conference in South Africa. Ariel: A Review Review of International English Literatures. 23 (3): 29-47. Click here