A South African in Havana

Havan teaser

[SLiPnet, 22 November 2013, Guest Blog]

Leon de Kock walks the streets of the Cuban capital and finds much to celebrate, despite being pulled into a deep time-warp.


Time to Forget Time – The Haven, Wild Coast

Wild Coast

[Sunday Independent 5 September 2010, pg 9]

Staying at The Haven feels like a return to long-lost family, or to childhood, writes LEON DE KOCK. Click here to read the article

The Peach Brandy Blur

[Sunday Times Lifestyle 2 March 2003, pg 10]

The Groot Marico has a spirit of its very own but it’s hard to pin down, as LEON DE KOCK discovers. Click here to read the article

White nights, white vodka

[Sunday Times Lifestyle 3 August 2003, pg 10]

Life is one long hangover interspersed with strangeness, women, literature and art as LEON DE KOCK spends two-weeks-going-on-five-years in St Petersburg. Click here to read the article