Different Editions and Covers of Triomf

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The original South African version of Triomf, published by Jonathan Ball, featured a painting by Walter Meyer, “Huis met stoeplig aan” (the blue, white and black cover, above). The second cover featured above, in darker tones, contains a photograph by Roger Ballen, “Bedroom of a railway worker, De Aar, 1984”. The New York edition of 2004, by Overlook Press, also appears above (the cover featuring dogs and kitchen appliances).

After its original English publication by Jonathan Ball in 1999, the South African version of Triomf (Jonathan Ball) was reprinted in 2001, 2004, and 2009 (when the Roger Ballen cover made its appearance). In all therefore, the 1999 ‘South African slang and mixed-language’ version of the novel (Jonathan Ball) has gone through several printings, while the ‘international English-only’ edition has seen the light of day as a Little, Brown & Co hardback, an Abacus paperback, an Overlook Press (New York) hardback, and finally as an Overlook Press paperback. All the international editions have featured the dogs-and-fridges cover, as shown above.

The movie version of Triomf, based on my translation, and directed by Zimbabwean filmmaker Michael Raeburn, appeared in 2008, with the poster featured above. See also http://www.triomf-movie.com/